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“Alina will inspire and leave you empowered. The PSYCH-K® process helps you take charge of any aspect of your life.”

M., Senior Policy Adviser, International Organisation, Vienna


“I contacted Alina for a free "Rapid Change" session at a time when I had problems in every aspect of my life. During that session, we clarified what my issues really were and she explained how Psych-K® works. I immediately booked the package of six Psych-K® sessions!

Soon after the first Psych-K® session, I actually got a job interview and a job offer. After the second session, a year-long friend turned into a romantic partner and we are now enjoying an ever-closer and stable relationship. I also improved my relationship with friends and family and started working actively on my weight.

In just three months and six Psych-K® sessions, I transformed my life."

I., Gender Team Leader, UN


“Alina is a true master of her craft and with her expertise and magical space she created I was able to discover a limiting pattern that has been in my way throughout my life. While my initial intent was to address a misalignment I felt at work, the outcome of the session went far beyond my goal. I felt like I shook off a heavy weight that has been hindering me and since that session I am more authentic, my life is more joyous, and my relationships improved. The technique Alina used is far reaching and I am so grateful for my time with her.”

A., Senior Executive Manager, USA


“I received help in knowing myself more and establishing a communication channel with my mind. I noticed immediately how knowing more about what I want makes this unfold into reality. I feel more effective in my own life.”

A., Diplomat, Vienna


“After my sessions with Alina, I became more confident in one-on-one and group conversations, especially when I am enthusiastic about what I am saying. My client interactions have changed since I am more casual and easy-going with how I communicate. Now, it feels much more fun and easier to be in touch. Since our sessions, I have started regular client communication when before it was very sporadic. The PSYCH-K® process has helped me to look behind what I was experiencing in conversations and I unblocked my hesitation to be in regular communication with my prospects and clients.”

L., Life Coach, USA


"I contacted Alina following a work-related burnout. The two sessions we had together helped me focus on what I needed, on my emotions, and on bringing the change I wanted. And change happened sooner than I expected it. The relationship with my boss transformed almost instantly with my work being praised and my work-life balance greatly improved."

A., Evaluation Advisor, Vienna


"I was mentally and physically exhausted following two stressful years putting too much pressure on my academic and personal life. When I finally had the session with Alina, I had to lie down as I could not stand or sit on the chair. Right after the first session, on the same day, I was not only able to successfully complete an important project, but also to further generate new ideas, drive and motivation. It took one more session for my physical symptoms to disappear completely from my body."

T., Artist, Italy


 I asked Alina for a session as I was stressing about and fearing a job interview I was having the next day. I was so happy when a week after the interview I was offered a job position in the same company which was even more fitting for my skills and had the potential for greater career opportunities.”

T., Team Leader, Italy


“I have experienced chronic headaches for almost my entire life. If you've ever got one, you will understand how debilitating it can be. Almost daily pain can stop you from achieving your goals and, truly, from simply enjoying life. But I have never thought there's anything more to it than just physical causes, which I had plenty of. Alina was incredibly fast in picking this up in our first session, so what started as a conversation about career and life goals, had very quickly shifted to a very personal one around stress, anger and blame. Not only did she gently and gracefully guide me with on-point questions, but also kindly supported me with having one of the biggest breakthroughs of my life - a process that finally released me of the subconscious beliefs I was holding on to and the pain associated with it. The headaches have significantly decreased in frequency since then and I am now highly aware of what or who triggers it, so I can work on it further on. There are not enough words to express my gratitude to Alina, PSYCH-K® is truly a life changing practice!“

C., Manager, International Corporation, Vienna


“My session with Alina was amazing. For years I had some beliefs about myself that were holding me back from living life to the fullest. Alina helped me to transform those beliefs into positive statements. Now I‘m not only living, I‘m thriving. I‘ve never felt pressured to open up to her, she made me feel at ease and listened without judgement. Thank you, Alina :)”

A., Senior Risk Manager and Entrepreneur, Vienna


"My life before PSYCH-K® was way too complicated. I carried on my shoulders very old and heavy beliefs collected during my life. At the point when I experienced my session with Alina, I was about to give up some of my projects because there was a real subconscious block that kept me from doing them. After the session, I felt free and even closer to my aims, no doubts that I can achieve whatever I want. Alina guided me very kindly through the process, she brought me to some deeper levels of my subconsciousness that needed to be addressed. I am very happy that I took this decision to work with Alina. Anytime I have a pain now (physical, emotional or psychological), I know Alina’s PSYCH-K® sessions can help."

A., Financial Adviser and Entrepreneur, Vienna


“For 15 years I have been successfully building my career up to high level executive positions. And at the same time, I was changing jobs very frequently. It has never bothered me before, but suddenly at the age of 41, I realised that it was giving me a feeling of dissatisfaction, unrest, and instability. I decided to have a session with Alina as I was looking to understand my own feelings mostly, being uncertain whether I needed a transformation. After the session with Alina, I discovered with surprise WHY I was so keen on changing jobs so frequently and why I was so easily getting bored or even giving up a job. And then, all of a sudden, I got an answer to the questions of WHAT and HOW will work better for me. Alina’s style of communication is so comfortable, it lets one easily trust her and makes the session so unbelievably effective. I felt instantly a transformation in my attitudes during the session and very soon afterwards, I felt changes in my behaviour also. I felt an enormous relief and started being more attentive to my inner voice and everything else that follows. Still, it feels like dreaming that I was going through a torture for years and the transformation took only an hour or so.”

T., High Level Executive, Georgia


"I consider myself a very private person, I often find it hard to express my most sensitive part, yet with Alina it was extremely simple to reveal my thoughts and emotions: I laid bare reflections that I hid even from myself, with a naturalness and a disarming lightness. During our conversations I understood the actual difference between lightness and superficiality, and this has already calmed me a lot in my daily life: with Alina I analysed deep thoughts, but lightly, without being afraid of what might emerge.

I have been struggling for many years to lose weight. I also knew that my extra weight was not linked to how or what I eat, rather to my mindset. But I did not know how to change it. After one session with Alina, I lost two sizes and most importantly six months after that session I did not put that weight back on. When I had my session with Alina, my main wish was to lose weight in a relaxed and easy way without stressing about it too much. I was surprised one day to realise that is exactly what happened. It was all so natural and easy going, that I actually did not even notice how my eating habits changed, I was no longer craving the caloric types of food or drinks and I lost two sizes."

A., Psychologist, Italy

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